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Integrating A couple’s favorite band  “The Greatful Dead” into their wedding ceremony. 

 When meeting with my some of my couples and discussing their wedding ceremony, we cover a lot of different aspects of their life and loves.

Some couples are really into music. So I try to write something to integrate lyrics or song titles from their favorite band into the ceremony.

The one I wrote below was from a couple years ago on New Year’s Eve. They were really into the Grateful Dead. Yes two deadheads getting married.

So I wrote the following words that I integrated into the ceremony. I hope you like it, I know they did.


Before you met her you were a Wharf Rat and you were going down the road feeling bad you felt like there was a dark star crashing all around you and it was going to Hell In A Bucket… but at least you were enjoying the ride.
So one day you were just truckin along feeling like Johnny B. Goode and Monica looked over and thought you dont Feel like a Stranger. And you looked into each other’s eyes and thought I found the golden road and deep in your heart you knew I Know you rider.
So on your first date with some scarlet begonias and a Ramblin’ Rose in hand you realized comes A time. I should be in love And thought I Had the World to Give id give it to you.
So you decided to Turn on Your Lovelight and were Dancing in the Street. You worked hard to make an Estimated Prophet because you didn’t want to live on shake down street or in a Brokedown Palace.
After a night of Good lovin You would hang out Till the morning comes and you would wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world.
Soon you realized that women are smarter and she was Hard to Handle but the music never stoped and you went Around and Around saying IKO IKO all day.
You have come so far don’t let the deal go down.. you are in love and are now getting married. I don’t know it must have been the roses. But caution do not stop on the tracks… go forward… no throwing stones. Just wave that flag wave it wide and high ignite that fire on the mountain
Even when you have Touch of grey, you know your love will not fade away

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