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How to do a unity candle at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

How to do a unity candle ceremony outside.

The unity candle is a tried and true addition to many wedding ceremony. It can be beautiful and it can also be terrible. By following a few simple rules you can prevent that part of your ceremony from as we say fizzling out.

If you’re doing a unity candle indoors there’s never usually an issue and you can use any type or shape of candles.  When you light the candle outdoors, it presents several obstacles to take into consideration:

1. The wind is not your friend.

Even the slightest breeze can snuff out the most robust flame.

2.The lighter is not your friend.

Try to use hurricane style candle holders as they block the wind in most cases. Instead of a lighter which never works properly when you wanted to, put a small votive candle in a holder and light the outer candles off of that during the ceremony.

Put the unity candle at the very end of the ceremony this way if it does blow out it’s not out for a long time.

Keep a lighter handy as back up. Make sure that no decorations are placed directly above the candles as they could catch fire.

In the event that you feel that it may be too windy switch to a sand blending ceremony or other type of unity celebration.

With proper planning and precautions, a unity candle celebration can be one of the highlights of the ceremony and if done wrong it will definitely be something that everyone will remember.

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