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017Our gorgeous couple's loftiest purposes for themselves were set in motion at yesterday's gathering that honored the future of marriage equality.  Our brides took great care in co-creating a custom ceremony with Great Officiant Priscilla Munson, that outlined the highest and best in the human condition; celebrated the evolution of spiritual consciousness; and of course, told their unique love and life story in a lovely garden setting in Mission Viejo.  Truly a family affair, with loved ones coming from all over the country and especially the east coast, some performed live "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "All You Need Is Love," while others made the table favors and still others contributed their time & talents to the overall elegant ambiance.  With these brides as a fine example of what lies ahead in the not-too-distant future, we can all be assured the values surrounding marriage and family will be upheld by all.  True love is alive and well in the land!

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