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Helping A Very Nervous Groom……..

Roger's wedding this last weekend at the beautiful Los Verdes Golf Course went off without a hitch and that is because both Roger and the groom did their homework!!  You see, the groom, Yodai who is a professional baseball player in Japan, speaks hardly any english and his bride Shani really wanted them to recite their vows….. in English!!  So Roger not only sent the vows ahead of time to Yodai in Japan before their wedding day, but arrived very early for the ceremony so he and Yodai could practice, practice and practice!!!  And Yodai did great !  Not one mistake!  It was a wonderful ceremony and Roger got to tell their love story about how two people from two different worlds and 6000 miles apart met and fell in love.  Let’s just say there were tears of joy that day.

Shani was so happy that she sent Roger these kind words.

"Thank you so much Roger for yesterday!  It was such a beautiful wedding and you wrote our story so perfectly.  Everyone was telling me how funny and great the officiant was. Everyone really loved you and so did Yodai and I. You really set the tone of the entire wedding and it was so much fun and the energy was amazing. Thank you so much. You're the best and we're really glad that you were the one to marry us. "
Shani and Yodai


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