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Great review from a Filipino wedding ceremony

photo1Alan Katz from Great Officiants was our wedding ceremony officiant, and he did a wonderful job. Our ceremony was a Filipino wedding ceremony, which included a veil, cord, and coins. When speaking with Alan, he said that he was familiar with the Filipino wedding traditions. He even knew some Tagalog! Because it was difficult to coordinate a day and time to meet before the wedding ceremony, we spoke with Alan via Skype, and we quickly learned that it was easy to talk to Alan. He was very funny and friendly, but he knew when it was time to be serious and professional. On the day of our wedding, he arrived early, and gave me and my husband a “pep talk” of what to expect for our ceremony, and calmed our nerves before the wedding. The ceremony went smoothly and did not last too long. He kept the tone of the ceremony light and upbeat; and he even got the guests laughing. We would definitely recommend Alan Katz from Great Officiants to any bride and groom!

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