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Great Officiant Octavio’s Spiritual and Touching Wedding Ceremony

Omar & Orlando tied the Knott at Luminarias in Monterey Park. This is a beautiful place, but keep in mind a sound system is absolutely necessary due to outdoor noises. In this case we had a great PA system so the ceremony was beautiful and everyone was able to hear every word clearly.

Omar & Orlando’s mothers are no longer physically with us so I wrote something very special honoring them followed by a moment of silence in the beginning of the ceremony.

They chose to do a sand ceremony, which you can see in the picture. This ceremony was spiritual, which is an adaptation of our Buddhist ceremony, but I translated several portions throughout to make it bilingual.

Omar, Orlando, Joissie, and I were very involved in the process of designing their ceremony. They were amazing to work with and we will most likely get together soon as we became friends through that process.

Omar and Orland_1

Omar & Orlando, I wish you all the Blessings in the World!!!!!!

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