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Great Officiant Octavio has been BUSY!

 Octavio gave us the following info on his amazing weddings!

Amy & Martin got married at Monterey Hill Restaurant on their beautiful outdoor deck overlooking the hills that surround it. They did an extraordinary job decorating and the coordinator at the restaurant was great as well.  Though Octavio didn’t get a chance to meet Amy in-person before the ceremony, Amy was very involved in designing the ceremony with him, it felt like they had known each other for years.  Martin was a very sweet man, easy to talk to, and great energy.  Both families were very funny and kind!


Arely & Martin got married at a club called InCahoots in Fullerton.  They transformed the entire night club into a beautiful ceremony/wedding reception venue.  It was a great idea to have their ceremony and reception at a nightclub because many systems needed like sound, lighting, bar, and kitchen are already there so it takes much less planning than having it somewhere else.

They both looked amazing and Martin wore a beautiful Mariachi outfit that looked awesome.  You could see the love and respect they each had for one another and their culture.  I truly enjoyed being a part of their special day.


Anna & Eric got married at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.  WOW!  If you haven’t seen this place, you must!  It is impressive, out of this world, gorgeous, incredibly big, with organ pipes all throughout the church and stained glass in every window.  Anna and Eric knew what they wanted and were more involved in designing their ceremony, among everything else, than anyone I’ve ever worked with.  I wish I could officiate every one of my weddings at this church.  They allow non-denominational Officiants to perform wedding there, which is rare. Anna & Eric, thank you for being such a wonderful couple and giving me the honor to officiate your beautiful wedding!

We received the following letter from Anna & Eric after the ceremony:

We’re here in Cancun, Mexico enjoying our honeymoon. Thank you for this beautiful email to us. Eric and I were very pleased with your service, professionalism and care. You went above and beyond to make our special day just perfect. Everyone raved how wonderful you were and how beautiful the ceremony was. 

 I’ll definitely be recommending you to our family and friends for future weddings. As for the church, this gorgeous haven was the right place for us. We felt the wonderful vibrations and felt in love with the organ, service and unique look inside the church. 

 Thanks again. 🙂

From Octavio: I wish each couple the best of luck and all the blessings in the World!!!


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