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From Beverly Hills to Long Beach, Octavio performs two great ceremonies


Celeste & Alonso's wedding took place at a Beverly Hills home. The joy and love between them was so contagious!
Their families and close friends gathered around us in the home's yard making it a more intimate ceremony, which was exactly what the couple desired.
We did a bilingual non-denominational ceremony so that everyone could be a part of it. It came out beautifully!
Celeste & Gonzalo, I wish you all the blessings in the World!!!!


Viridiana & Alonso's wedding took place at Skylinks Golf Course in Long Beach. This ceremony was such a blast!!!!

They are clearly best friends and have such a unique and extraordinary connection. They wanted me to make a few jokes throughout the ceremony so that it wouldn't be too serious. We worked together in accomplishing this and the jokes they came up with were hilarious!

We added a joke in the opening of the ceremony and then a huge twist in their "I Do's" which made everyone laugh out loud!

Then we got to the ring exchange. When I called for the rings, the Best Man couldn't find them. Everybody started panicking and, oh oh, wait a minute what's that sound? R2D2 starts strolling around the wedding guests with non other than the pillow and rings. Yes you read it right, the real R2D2 came and saved the day!!! He came to the front and the Best Man took the rings from him. This was such an awesome moment!!!! And a first for me.

We then proceeded with the sand ceremony and after I pronounced them Husband & Wife they all got in golf carts and went for a ride around the golf course.

Alonso & Viridiana knocked it out of the park with their creativity and jokes!!!! I loved loved loved officiating their wedding!!!!!

Alonso & Viridiana, thank you for giving me the honor of officiating your wedding! I wish you guys all the blessings in the world!!!!!


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