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Ferris Wheel wedding in Santa Monica

I have always dreamed of doing a wedding on a Ferris wheel. Today that dream came true.

I met this wonderful couple at the foot of The Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier at the end of Route 66.

How plan was to get on the ride where I would issue them their marriage license and perform their ceremony in the span of 5 1/2 minutes.

With everything prepared the executed our plan flawlessly.

After a few signatures I took their camera phone I videotaped their entire ceremony for them.

We were able to sneak in a few pictures after and then the ride ended.

Instead of exchanging Rings they exchange LEGO pieces. Which he handed to me seconds before the ceremony started.

So I improvised a LEGO exchange ceremony. I told them to never LEGO of each other. To build upon the bricks they have started today. And even if it might topple they could always build it together, stronger and taller for the future.

Bucket list item completed. .





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