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Even though they didnt meet their Officiant until the ceremony the connection was there.

Octavio one of our Bilingual Officiants turns in this Blog.

Roberto & Eduardo were one octoof my couples I didn’t get the chance to meet before their wedding.  This is common as some of you either live too far away, are too busy with work and you wedding planning, or simply don’t have time.  If this is the case, not a problem!  We worked over the phone and via emails to design the perfect ceremony for them.


When I arrived to our office, the beautiful couple were signing their marriage license.  All their guests were already at our Chapel, anxious to see their loved ones tie the knot.  I spoke to them briefly to make them feel comfortable and ease their nerves.  I do this with all my couples as I’m fully aware they are all nervous before their wedding, a very common feeling amongst us humans!


We then went into the Chapel and started the ceremony.  Their guests were so happy they all stood through the entire ceremony, recording videos and taking pictures.  It was such a great experience!  We felt like the stars of a red carpet event having all those cameras on us!  Roberto & Eduardo got emotional and tears were rolling down their cheeks.  When this happens my heart just fills with such joy and love.


I wish them the best life together and hope to stay in touch with them.  I know they will forever be happy together as I felt they deep love they have for one another!


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