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Congratulations to Newlyweds, Kathy and Scott

Congratulations to Newlyweds, Kathy and Scott… and Thank You to the couple as well for the following recent posting of a 5 Star review on Yelp!

"We were fortunate enough to have A.Mauricio Lubong (Mauricio) conduct our wedding ceremony. … He has a wonderful spirit, is a great writer, and set a very joyful tone for the ceremony. He gave us 'homework' and made our ceremony very personal but also he incorporated his great sense of humor. He has a warm and calming spirit that made what could be a very stressful day a complete delight."

Before posting the above review the Newlyweds wrote to Great Officiants, offering these kind words, "We just want you to know that Mauricio was such a delight and performed such a lovely ceremony. He made what I thought would be the most nerve-wracking part, the most delightful. He has such a lovely personality."

Kathy and Scott were married just last month at the iconic El Cid Restaurant in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. Known as the go to venue where one can experience Flamenco dancing in the South Land for the past 50 years, However, Kathy's and Scott's wedding brought a different sight and sound and feel to the local landmark.

Seemingly endless servings and varieties of hors d'oeuvres, crudités and finger foods greeted guests at the start of the soiree, and continued to be offered throughout the evening so that by the time the cake was cut all were more than satiated. But, for those who reserved space for even a sliver were happily rewarded.

As for the ceremony itself, Kathy and Scott had informed A, Mauricio in advance that a live Hawaiian band would provide the musical backdrop for their wedding. With that in mind he suggested an idea that was well-received; and so it was that he announced the start of the ceremony by blowing a conch shell. Three blasts from the "pu" and the bride, the groom and their guests were treated to a ceremony that was both unique and personal, a balance of humor, romance, spirituality and fun — all of which are trademarks of weddings by Great Officiant A.Mauricio.

For A. Mauricio, it was a personal pleasure officiating for Kathy and Scott, who are such a unique, creative and loving couple.0920141942 0920141942a 0920141942c 0920141942e

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