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Circus themed wedding at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano

 David and Melissa wanted to do a very fun and whimsical wedding event. Their theme was the circus. When they came into my office and we discussed their ceremony they knew that I was the right one to perform the ceremony. I pitched them on the idea of me dressing up like the ringmaster and they love the idea.

I searched for the perfect costume and accessories. On the day of the wedding we started the ceremony with the DJ playing “Entry of the Gladiators”  which is the quintessential circus song. and I said “Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages welcome to the greatest wedding on earth”. The rest of the ceremony was a fun filled celebration of their love story.
after the ceremony they had wonderful food and carnival games and even a kissing booth.

Franciscan Gardens is a wonderful venue. It is a wide open courtyard and can be configured in many ways. The staff there is wonderful to deal with and the food is fantastic.


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