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British Rapper, Young MC Could Not Steal The Show….…..

ger1This last weekend Roger married a young couple Chris & Samantha on the ever-so-amazing Queen Mary. They were to have the ceremony outside on the aft deck of the ship……Now when Roger first had met with Chris & Samantha to write their wedding ceremony, the ceremony length turned out to be about 30 minutes with everything they wanted to add. Not a problem at all for Roger and that is what he wrote for them….. But a problem arose the day of the wedding. That morning, the groom’s mother called Roger and told him that they had a major dilemma. It seems that the grassy area off of the port side of the Queen Mary was holding a giant 80’s music concert with over a 1000 people in attendance!!! And the concert was to happen right during the wedding at 6pm!! But the great wedding staff on the Queen Mary had arranged for the concert to take a 15 minute break right at 6pm and could Roger squeeze his well written, lengthy 30 minute ceremony into 15 minutes!!!! Not a problem!! So with a little finesse….heck……a lot of finesse, Roger was able to squeeze 30 minutes into half of that time… But the concert didn’t live up to it’s promise and starting talking and gearing up for music at the 12 minute mark! So Roger had to kick in into high gear to finish the pronouncement before the very loud music started back up! And right when Roger was announcing them husband and wife, the 80’s rapper Young MC broke out into the great 80’s tune "Bust A Move"! So this young couple got the wedding of their dreams AND a celebrity singer to boot!!ger2

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