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Bride Gives Groom the 3rd degree before their wedding…. Burn not questions. OUCH!!!!!

Amanda and Allan were planning their wedding perfectly. They have everything set. The food, the music, the Oviatt Penthouse and of course the Greatest of all Officiants ME.a couple weeks before the wedding she was cooking him a special meal of king crab legs. He was very excited about this as it is one of his favorites. Unfortunately she accidentally tipped over the pot of boiling water on to his leg causing third-degree burns. So bad that he had to get skin grafts.

But on the wedding night he was nothing but smiles. Nothing could stop him from marrying the woman of his dreams.

this was my last ceremony of the year so I pulled out all the stops. They are big football fans so I wrote a whole reading on how Love was like football. I retold their love story and both they and their guests really got into it. It was such a good ceremony that it even blew away their day of planner.

I wish them both a wonderful life together and to steer clear of boiling water.

P.S Afterwards I left and celebrated New Year’s at an amazing Greatful dead concert

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