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Big Thank You to Officiant Mauricio from Happy Couple – Kari and Dana

Great Officiant Mauricio received the following note, along with photos, via email the day after Kari and Dana’s wedding held at the Lakewood Country Club, November 9th.  It is just one of the most recent examples of the many “Thank You” notes he receives as a result of his officiating the unique and personalized ceremonies for which he’s come to be known.  In the photo, Kari and Dana are pictured with Dana’s 6-year son and their one year old daughter — they were “Best Man” and “Maid of Honor” respectively!

Hi Rev. Mauricio,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you. Dana & I really enjoyed the ceremony & felt it was pretty perfect for what we wanted. We had so many compliments on both you & the ceremony. No one could believe we had met you [recently] for the first time…!  Thank you again for helping to make the night as perfect as it was. 1109131901a w Kari Dana & family

Forever grateful,

Kari & Dana


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