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orangehillCassandra Hummel and Jamie Cruz-Flores were married at four on August 30 in a personal and dynamic ceremony conducted by Rev.Dr.Gary Barmore of Great Officiants.  The venue, Orange Hill Restaurant, was just up the hill from OC Mining Co. where a bride and groom, exactly two weeks previous, were rescued by Great Officiants.  It seems that the couple had been abandoned by their minister and two hours before “kickoff” the coordinator called Alan Katz of Great Officiants, who called Gary Barmore, who flew off with robe and vows to serve the stressed-out wedding party.  The bride and groom quickly warmed to Rev.Barmore and expressed afterward that it was the most beautiful ceremony they could have ever wished for.  The guests were amazed when they found out it was a “rescue” wedding, saying it seemed as if the minister had planned with the couple for months.  (That’s what Pro’s can do!)  Now as for Jamie and Cassandra’s nuptials at Orange Hill Restaurant, the terrace view was beautiful, and although the heat wave had finally eased, the guests appreciated the engaging and expeditious ceremony, so that after 20 minutes they could head into the air-conditioned ballroom.

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