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Beautiful Calamigos Equestrian Center Wedding



Tonight at Calamigos Equestrian Center, as the sun was setting on our couple’s old life, family & friends gathered to witness these two best friends finally tying the knot!

There’s is a love story like no other.

You see, way back when, our bride’s platonic male roommate kept insisting that she had to meet his co-worker, a fellow butler at the Playboy Mansion.  She was very emphatic that that was just not going to happen.  Then one day, while channel surfing, she ran across a cable program taking viewers on a tour of the Mansion.  Curious, of course, she watched.   And as she did, one particular butler caught her eye.  So when her roommate came home that night, she continued to insist that under no circumstances would she meet the butler he was trying to fix her up with.  However, there was this other butler, that she would consider meeting… the one she had seen in a shot in the kitchen.  And as she described him to her roommate, he just smiled that all-knowing smile, because the one who had caught her eye, was The Guy he wanted her to meet.

004  021 022  How about that?  Pretty crazy, huh?

So after some initial conversations, they met in person, and as the Universe would have it, they hit it off!  But life would intervene, and after several fits and starts, our couple settled into their relationship, and tonight, made it official!


Many tears of joy were shed throughout their romantic, custom ceremony led by Great Officiant Pris Munson, that included the Blessing of the Stones, a community vow, parent thank yous, beautiful poetry, laughter and an outpouring of love as their unique story was celebrated by all!

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