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An Intimate Wedding at Home with Wesley

IMG_3245From the moment I spoke with this inspirational couple over the phone and learned that we were all from the same part of Texas, I knew how much of an honor and blessing it would be to officiate their wedding. Michael and Richard met and fell in love over 31 years ago in Lubbock, TX. It only seemed fitting they finalized their relationship through marriage when Texas and the rest of the nation recognized their union.

They had a beautiful, intimate wedding at their home in Eagle Rock amongst their close friends, loved ones, and most of their neighbors! There were so many emotions running through everyone in attendance, but Richard and Michael could hardly hold back their tears even before we began. As they walked down the aisle together, they held each other’s hands and were strong for each other because they were trembling with emotion. Right as their ceremony began, their dog Austin, an adorable little dachshund, starting barking to show his support for his two Dads!

Once the ceremony was over, everyone leapt to their feet, yelling and cheering for the newlyweds. And then, the Texas BBQ came out. No one had to ask me twice to stay for this part of the evening as I saw the ribs and brisket placed on the table. As the sun set and candles were lit all around the tables, I could see and feel the warmth and love not only from Richard and Michael’s friends, but the love that had blossomed over the years for each other. 20150711_195504 20150711_200248 20150711_200418 FullSizeRender IMG_3205

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