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An Absolute First For Roger!

r1So get this…. Derek & Jessica have been married for 18 years…… And every year on their anniversary they renew their vows somewhere around the world.  This year, they decide to renew their vows back at the original scene of the crime where Derek first proposed to Jessica…. The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills!  Now mind you, they have renewed their vows 17 times…… had 17 different officiants…….numerous different languages……. different places all over the world…… even in a chocolate factory! And the first words they said to Roger was that he was going to officiate their 18th wedding renewals, so no pressure!! So Roger pulled out all the stops! He researched percentages of married couples who have done their wedding renewals, he wrote a wonderful back story about them, he really went the extra mile! Did it pay off? Well this video from them tells it all! It was fantastic! Derek & Jessica loved it and told him so numerous times! Chalk up another success for Great Officiants!!r2 r3

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