Alternative Spirituality




The in house Spiritual Officiants will work directly with you to customize the ceremony of your dreams.


"Our families come from different religious backgrounds and made sure our religious customs were included and that our families felt comfortable."   Source: Nick S. - GOOGLE Reviews

From Druid, to Native American, to Buddhist, all types of spirituality is celebrated.

So why choose one of these type of Officiants to perform your wedding?

Each couple has their own version of inner sprit. To some it is God to others it is another higher power.

The Spititual Officiants work with you to design a ceremony that tells your story and envokes the contemporary feeling you seek.

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The Officiants live in different areas of Southern California.
The Travel Fee will be based on the Officiants Home location.
First 20 miles free.
21-34 mile Travel Fee $40
35 to 49 mile Travel Fee $55
50 to 74 mile Travel Fee $80
75 to 100 mile Travel Fee $130
Over 100 Call for Quote