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Alan Featured in another Reality Show in LA LA Land

I got a call late last year from a production company. They were doing a reality show but here is the catch… It only airs in Israel.

The show is called Living in La La Land. We did a wacky ceremony in my wedding chapel.

I was dressed as Borat.

A 52-episode docu-reality show following the journey of Six Israeli performing artists, extremely famous in their own country, to Los Angeles in order to break into the international music market. The singers are competing over a single distribution deal with Geffen Records. The winner will be decided by no other than Ron Fair, president and CEO of the company, who will also produce the single himself. During this one-month journey, the singers live together under the same roof. They participate in musical sessions with music experts and producers, and each week they audition in front of a panel of music industry executives, and Geffen Records representatives. Being so famous and admirable in their own country, the stars have to deal with a whole new experience; they start from square one and have to fight their way up to the top all over again. Only now, it happens at a different and unfamiliar territory, without their families, away from their fans and with no support from their agents. They will be exposed to harsh criticism and competition, and will have to do all that in a foreign and unfamiliar language.

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