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After 34 Years, Married “At Last”! at the Reef in Long Beach

Mauricio just sent in this blog entry

Congratulations to Salvador and George who, after enjoying 34 years of committed Salvador & George 2love, married this past Sunday in Long Beach at The Reef on the Water. They were surrounded by friends and family including their surviving parents — George’s Mother and Salvador’s father. A recording of Etta James’s iconic song, “At Last”, played as the grooms entered. Standing with them as Salvador’s and George’s Best Men were their brothers Manuel and Karl respectively.

For their ceremony, Rev. A.Mauricio incorporated an excerpt from Judge Walker’s ruling that initially overturned Prop. 8 and referenced King David’s and Jonathan’s relationship which “surpassed the love of women” and ancient Egyptian same-sex couple Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum (circa 2400BCE). It was a perfect day for George’s and Salvador’s rooftop wedding: The air was crisp and clean, the sky bright blue… even the Queen Mary seemed to bellow her affirmation at the appropriate time!

Long Beach skyline from the Reef's roof top

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