On April 30th Governer Newsom signed an exectuive order making Online marriages legal until June 30th


The Order states

Under the executive order, adults will be able to obtain a marriage license, at the discretion of their local county clerk, through videoconferencing, as long as both adults are located within the State of California, are present, and can present identification during the video conference. The license can then be issued via email.

Well with the County Clerks Office in Orange County open, San Diego County open, Ventura County opening on May 4th and LA County on the verge of opening soon (hopefully) the online marriage licensing may not happen as easily as as you think. First they would have to design the software then do training then bu the time they can implement it the 60 days will be over. It is optional for the county to comply with this part of the order. So I don't think this will happen.

If it does i will email you again to lay out the process


The order does NOW allow for virtual marriages .

So how do you do this?

Adults who wish to be married can conduct a ceremony to solemnize the marriage via video conference, as long as both parties are present, The Officiant performs the ceremony and have at least one witness who can join the live video conference if it is a public license. No witness are required if it is a confidential license.

The couple MUST have a valid marriage license.

The Officiant must be emailed a copy of the marriage License.

If it is a public license it needs one witness to sign it . If it is a confidential license only the officiant and couple need to sign.

Then the Officiant returns the license to the County Clerk's office

We are able to perform these within the guidelines set forth by the Order.

If you want to do this Let us know and we will walk you thru the process.

You need to get a marriage license we can guide you to the proper and legal resources.

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