How to Choose a Great Wedding Chapel

wedding chapel

There are a few wonderful Wedding Chapels in Southern California and several that are less than spectacular.

Trying to figure out which one to choose can be challenging.

Learn the difference on what you need to look at to make sure you are choosing the perfect Wedding Chapel for you.

THEM: If the venue will not allow you to take a tour there is probably a reason. It may be a dumpy place, in a bad neighborhood or even a garage at someone’s home. You really want to be able to tour the location to make sure it is appropriate for you and your guests.

US: We are happy to show off our awesome location. Just give us a call and we can set up a time.


THEM: If they just show the same angle picture after picture then the place may be really small or the reverse angle is not so attractive.

US: We proudly show off the inside and outside of our chapel with vivid pictures on our website.


THEM: Some places show off only their model type couples with slick video and retouched photos.

US: We believe all couples in love are beautiful. We perform real weddings and marry real couples of all shapes and sizes.


THEM: Usually there is a reason for this…either the Officiant is not very camera friendly or they are new and have no pictures to post.

US: We love the camera and love to be in the pictures with our couples. We enjoy sharing their joy on their special day.


THEM: Does their website show off their Officiants? Is it just that person or is there a whole team? Do they have video testimonials about their experience? If they don’t there is probably a reason for it. Can you say BORING?

US: We love to show off our Officiant Team. We have tons of pictures on this and our main website and the blog and have many videos posted on YouTube to see our style.


THEM: Be leery if they don’t accept checks or credit cards. The reason they may not is that so many of their customers have been dissatisfied and placed stop payments on their checks and cards and their accounts were restricted or closed.

US: We proudly accept Cash, Check and Credit/Debit cards and PayPal.


THEM: Some places say the accommodate a certain number of guests…however…this may just be standing room only. Ask how many chairs are available and what type they are.

US: We offer beautiful top of the line Chiavari Chairs in our chapel and seating for up to 30 guests. Our Outdoor Chapel seats 30 guests comfortably in white Samsonite folding chairs.


THEM: This is important. Some chapels place a sheet on the wall and call it a chapel. Some are gaudy and outdated. Some are cheesy and look like you are in Vegas.

US: Our modern indoor chapel is a lightly decorated A-frame space with multi-colored candles of your choice. Our Outdoor Space has a beautiful tree backdrop and comes with a bamboo arch and columns with picturesque silk arrangements. It is the perfect place to get married.


THEM: Some chapels are located in challenging and unsafe areas or surrounded by businesses that are not so spectacular and no adequate parking.

US: Our Wedding Chapel is located in beautiful and Upscale Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach, It is conveniently located just off the 405 freeway. We have a spacious parking lot at our facility.


THEM: One of the most important things is service. Returning calls and emails promptly is key to planning your event. If they do not respond with in 24 hours, you should be concerned.

US: We strive to answer and return all calls and emails promptly to ensure ease in your event planning.


THEM: Really look at their online reviews they have. Some venues place their own reviews on the web. Some hire outside marketing companies to place them. Some threaten couples if they leave a bad review.

US: We are the Top Rated Wedding Officiating Company in So Cal. Winner of the Best of Knot and Winner of Couples Choice Award on Wedding Wire. We are a member of several different Professional Wedding industry Organizations and well respected in the industry. In 2015 we were honored with the Trendsetter of the Year award by the Association of Bridal Consultants. With over online 1000 reviews our positive reputation is second to none.


THEM: Some chapels have no blog, some place irreverent posts having nothing to do with the couples they serve or tell the same boring story post after post. Bla bla bla.

US: Our blog posts feature interesting stories of the couples and their event as well as useful hints in wedding planning.


THEM: If they are the lowest priced place in the area, there may be a reason to be concerned. It may be because they cannot provide a quality product, challenging location, lack of quality customer service staff or they may be unscrupulous.

US: We are not the least expensive or the most expensive in the industry. What we are is the BEST!! We provide a quality location, amazing customer service and staff and picturesque indoor and outdoor chapel options. Most of all it is FUN!  All of this is to make for great memories to last a lifetime.