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Mauricio 1,

Mauricio finds the indescribable joy, the limitless hope and the immeasurable love that emanates from a couple wanting above all else to be joined together in marriage without compare. It is the sense of possibility, the knowing that he can contribute to the singularity, the “specialness” of the occasion that he brings to being a Wedding Officiant.

He welcomes the opportunity to help co-create your day of days with you. Religious or non-religious, he can design yours and make it perfect. He is Filipino and loves to do Filipino style Wedding Ceremonies. After 36 years of being together with his partner, Mauricio knows how to honor all couples. He also issues Marriage Licenses.

Mauricio is based in Carson and travels all over So Cal.

Mauricio is also one of our special notaries that can issue marriage licenses.

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: “I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox.” — Woody Allen
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: A tie between Pistachio Nut or Ube (a Filipino purple yam)
Soundtrack to your life: “Seasons of Love (525,600 Minutes)” from Rent
Favorite Disney Movie: Toy Story
Favorite Event Memory: After the winds shattered a large floral arrangement off of a pillar next to me, I improvised by having everyone shout “Mazel Tov!” It didn’t matter that neither the groom nor bride were Jewish!
Your Nickname: “Big Kahuna of Love”, or “Doctor Love” 

Notable Wedding Review

From The Knot

We got married March 15th on long beach! It was amazing. We had a great officiant, Mauricio. Even though he didn’t know us he did his best to get to know us a little. We were from out of state, so Mauricio took care of everything!!! He got us our marriage license and took care of taking it in to the county office afterward. He made us do some “homework” to be able to personalize our ceremony. We met with him the day before and went over everything with us. He was really great! Beth Gates took care of the ceremony arrangements and flowers. And boy did she do an amazing job! I also had Michelle Lacson do my photos and there are a lot of great one. Thank you guys for the amazing wedding!! They made it the most stress-free day! And did i mention they put it all together for me in a little over a month!


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