Jairo is a Bilingual Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. I create and perform joyful and meaningful non-denominational, inter-faith and civil wedding ceremonies in Orange and in San Diego counties. I also speak Spanish fluently and I am available to officiate Spanish and bilingual wedding ceremonies.

El Rev. Jairo es bilingüe. Jairo celebra bodas civiles y sin denominación religiosa en español y también bilingües. El les ayuda a preparar una ceremonia que refleje su felicidad y su amor mutuo. Yo creo que cada pareja debe tener su ceremonia individual en la cual se distingan su forma de ser y sus sentimientos. Durante el proceso de la ceremonia tomo en cuenta sus personalidades para diseñar la ceremonia apropiada en la cual demuestran sus características. Yo también les proveo la información requerida para obtener la licencia de matrimonio. Mi meta es que este día sea un día inolvidable y el más feliz de sus vidas

Jairo Is based in South Orange County and travels to LA, OC and San Diego.

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: “What goes up must come down"
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry Sunday
Soundtrack to your life: Help
Favorite Disney Movie: 101 Dalmations
Favorite Event Memory: At the end of the wedding when I was getting ready to tell the groom to kiss his wife, she jumped in, grabbed the mic and said "now it's my turn to kiss my beautiful husband"
Your Nickname: Bebo

Notable Wedding Review

From Wedding Wire

I would like to thank Great Officiants for providing me with an absolute perfect match for my wedding. We had a bilingual ceremony and reverend Jairo really listened to what was important to me. Jairo, you are truly a professional at what you do. You responded promptly to all my phone calls and emails. You had perfect timing throughout the ceremony and even helped my youngest, Emma Jane, up the steps to read her quote. And thank goodness I listened to you and honored my future mother in law with a rose. Without any words, I could tell what it meant to her. I've watched videos and viewed hundreds of pictures from that day and you were exact in every one of them. You are also very appropriate in your appearance. You have a pleasant smile and a great sense of humor and yet all so dignified. I thank you and Great Officiants. I will be choosing Great Officiants again someday when it is time for my daughter to marry :)