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A Frog, a Pig. a Bride & Groom and a Secret Agent converge at a Wedding Ceremony at Jim Henson Studios

 Melanie and Chett got married Jim Henson studios in Hollywood. With getting married at such a cool place the ceremony and reception had to be just as cool. even though it was 102° outside. glad the courtyard was shaded by some cool trees. The ceremony was performed by their masterful wedding officiant Alan Katz. he helped them tell their story of how they met and their life together through their custom vows and special Idos.

 When it was time for the rings none of the groomsman had them. then the musicians broke into the Mission impossible theme song and a guest from the back row waltzes down the aisle with a suitcase handcuffed to him. The case was open to reveal a single box with the rings. It got a great laugh.
 They both took a drink out of his flask during the ceremony and the kiss at the end was epic.

Since the wedding took place at Jim Henson studios I made reference to Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog no longer being a couple. And then I read lyrics from Ketmits favorite song “Rainbow Connection”.  it was the perfect end to an amazing ceremony.

The wedding was beautiful, colorful and a bit wimsy.


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