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A Cool Couple at the Rooftop of the Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown LA

IMG_0266 Irene & Jesse are the coolest couple!!! Their wedding took place at the rooftop of the Oviatt penthouse in downtown LA. Because it's a rooftop it can get pretty windy sometimes.

Their marriage license was left on the second level of the rooftop while we did the ceremony. The plan was to go up there after the ceremony to sign it with the witnesses so we could take beautiful pictures. But when we got up there the wind had blown the marriage license away and it was nowhere to be found! The bridal party, photographers, wedding coordinator, bride and groom, and me were looking all over for it like crazy. Eventually One of the bridesmaids spotted it on the roof of the building next door under an AC unit.

We had to send a fire marshal next door to access the roof of the building and get the marriage license which took a while. Throughout this entire process Irene and Jesse remained so calmed and cool about the whole thing. They were not going to let absolutely anything ruin their magical wedding and such a special day! They are awesome!

They also have such an amazing sense of humor! You should've seen them dance to the tune of hip-hop as they were marching out of the ceremony. It was so funny and so beautiful!

The three of us worked together to design a bilingual ceremony, actually I take that back. Irene is a genius with words and she wrote a lot of the ceremony herself. They also wrote their own vows in both English and Spanish!

It is safe to say that I will never forget this wedding! Filled with surprises, love, and much laughter! Irene and Jesse, never change! You are both amazing and I admire you so much! I wish you both all the blessings in the world! Hugs!

PS The Best man took a picture of Jesse proposing to Irene under a waterfall in Arizona and made it the official beer bottle label for all the beers in the wedding! You can see it in one of the pictures. I had never seen something like that and it was amazing!IMG_0264 IMG_0267

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