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4:20 wedding at the Crimson Mansion in Yorba Linda

Teresa and John Got married by Reverend George on Saturday at 4:20 PM. At the Crimson Mansion. What a great venue Michael the owner was friendly, helpful and gracious. The property is immaculate it looks like a model home and it is huge with both a full tennis court and a swimming pool with a cabana.

Teresa asked me to honor her mother and her sister who had gone on before her. I was pleased to honor both these woman as Teresa asked. There is always a first time for everything and I am not sure exactly what happened as we were saying the vows I think I forgot to say please repeat after me and as i was saying I Teresa take you John to be my husband Teresa said I do. I went on thinking she would catch on but like a train off track the farther I went the more yes’s and I do’s I heard til she said wait! I stopped we laughed and she said she was sorry. i said no it was my fault and we got it all on the video. I started over she repeated after me and we all got married. The weather was hot and we were treated to the music of Peggy who sang and played piano.

The videographer was a real pro as he asked me to help him line up his shot. The photographer was great as I offered to take a step back so he could shoot the kiss, he asked if I could also take a step to the side.

It was so much fun being able to announce the new couple and then direct the audience to the cabana for cocktails, adult libations, drinks and refreshments. I fine time was had by all.

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